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Concrete Canada (formerly Canadian Ready-Mixed Concrete Association CRMCA) is a non-profit association established in 1981 to represent federally legislated issues impacting the ready-mixed concrete industry. Concrete Canada is an association whose membership comprises each of Canada’s provincial/regional ready-mixed concrete associations and national cement industry.

Concrete Canada meets at least twice each year at varying locations across Canada. Each member (delegate) has one vote on the Board of Directors.

Industry Associations

Through its members, Concrete Canada provides representation in the development of national building, material and construction codes and standards developed by agencies such as the Canadian Standards Association International (CSA) and National Building Code (NBC). Concrete Canada is a sustaining member of CSA and has representation on committees such as CSA A23.1/.2, CSA A283, CSA A3000 and Strategic Steering Committee on Concrete and Related Products.

Through its members, Concrete Canada partners with national and provincial Home Builders Associations, national and provincial Construction Associations, American Concrete Institute International and local ACI Chapters, and National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA).

Atlantic Concrete Association (ACA)
T: (902) 443-4456
Fax: (902) 404-8074
Email: info@atlanticconcrete.ca

Association béton Québec (ABQ)
T: (450) 650-0930
Fax: (450) 650-0935
Email info@betonabq.org

Concrete Ontario (RMCAO)
T: (905) 564-2726
Fax (905) 564-5680
Email: info@concreteontario.org

Concrete Manitoba (MRMCA)
T: (204) 667-8539
Email: info@concretemanitoba.ca

Concrete Saskatchewan (SRMCA)
T: (306) 552-5592
Email: acampbell@concretesask.org

Concrete Alberta (ARMCA)
T: (780) 436-5645
Fax (780) 436-6503
Email info@concretealberta.ca

Concrete BC (BCRMCA)
T: (604) 626-4141
Email concrete@concretebc.ca

Cement Association of Canada
T: (613) 236-9471
Fax (613) 563-4498
Email info@cement.ca

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