This guide provides designers, builders, and building owners with a brief introduction to compliance options for modern building codes, and details calculation methods suitable for quickly estimating, at an early design stage, the thermal performance of concrete enclosure wall systems.

CSA A23.1:19/CSA A23.2:19 Concrete materials and methods of concrete construction/Test methods and standard practices for concrete

Making and curing concrete compression and flexural test specimens

When paving heavy-traffic roads, the right material makes all the difference. Learn of the advantages of concrete pavement.

This guideline has been developed by the Health and Safety Committee of the Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario (RMCAO) for its members.

9 Steps to Concrete Exterior Flatwork Success

Each provincial Concrete Association offers certifications for concrete production facilities and vehicles.  Many provinces also offer certification for delivery professionals. These certifications showcase ready-mix producers’ level of commitment to adhere to the highest industry standards. Through these various certifications, both customers and regulatory agencies can verify that certified producers can both provide and deliver quality ready-mixed concrete efficiently and safely.

Contact the Concrete Association in your province for more details. Follow the link for a complete list of Concrete Associations.

Concrete Design Handbook and Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures are two key publications produced by the Cement Association of Canada which can be purchased on-line.

Ready-mix truck drivers are professional drivers who face unique and ever changing challenges due to the design of their vehicles and the products they transport. As an industry, we have seen several ready-mix truck rollovers in the recent past. This document, created by Concrete Ontario is designed to raise awareness amongst member companies by illustrating some of the hazards so that they can be identified early thus allowing the appropriate controls to be implemented. Its focus is to reinforce the importance of understanding and constantly monitoring vehicle dynamics and adjusting driving behaviour.

The purpose of this “SITE SAFE” Best Practice Guide for Concrete Supply is to outline our commitment and expectations to safety of our employees and our construction partners. The policies and procedures outlined in this document are designed to promote a safe and healthy work environment for all parties.

Truck Safety Driving Tips Flyer

Truck Safety Driving Tips Poster: 24″ x 36″