Environmental Product Declarations

Regional EPDs for Ready-Mixed Concrete

What is included in an environmental product declaration?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) report tells the life cycle story of a product in a single, comprehensive report. The EPD provides information about a product’s impact on the environment, such as global warming potential, smog creation, ozone depletion and water pollution.

Regional EPDs for Ready-Mixed Concrete

To demonstrate LEED product sustainability performance, building product manufacturers are required to submit Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Regional Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) cover concrete mixes produced by provincial association members across the country. Each EPD was independently verified by NSF International in accordance with ISO 14025:2006 and ISO 21930:2017. The life cycle assessment was independently reviewed in accordance ISO 14044 and the referenced PCR.

You can access Regional EPDs for the seven regions of Canada through the respective Associations here:

Atlantic Concrete Association

Association béton Québec

Concrete Ontario

Concrete Manitoba

Concrete Saskatchewan

Concrete Alberta

Concrete BC

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The following ‘How To Guide’ provides instructions to determine the corresponding Industry Averaged Equivalents to your approved mixed designs to be included in an EPD declaration letter.

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